The Erotic Upholsterer!

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Cayenne Klein

Agosto 30, 2012
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The Erotic Upholsterer!

The stresses of work in the custom furniture industry are many. Today Cayenne Klein and Choky Ice depict in our horny scenario how the top upholsterers deal with these stresses. Upholsterer Choky makes sure that when he redoes somebody’s chairs to their demanding specifications, those chairs belong to somebody female and fuckable! And preferably somebody married, so he can have the double security of knowing 1) that he doesn't have to get involved, and 2) that he is cuckolding some hubby! Yes, Choky is the only upholsterer in town who ONLY has ladies for clients. Because when he feels a little tense in his job, it’s nice to know he can fondle his client after conferring with her, just as he does with Cayenne, rubbing her ass through her dress, then pulling down her bodice and sucking on her titties! Down between her thighs goes his hungry mouth, chowing on her quim. But soon Cayenne makes a few demands of her own, tugging aside Choky’s work apron so that she can get at his throbbing dick, which she throats so artfully that the butterfly pendant hanging over her chest quivers with each suck almost as if it’s going to take flight! Bending Cayenne over the table, Choky crams his log into her labia doggie style. Cayenne blows him some more too, leaning her face over the edge of the table, and then Choky joins her on the table and they screw spoon-style. Cayenne keeps Choky’s chicken busy in her pussy, riding his inches like a cowgirl and then letting him lift her up and settle her down on his shaft. Her stretched asshole aches for cock too, and looks so humid and ready, but oh well, those damn chairs have to get done in time for her dinner party tonight with her husband’s boss, Mr. Quimby!! Yes, Cayenne is married just as Choky prefers, and she knows she’s going to have to take a shower to clean off all the cum that Choky spurts on her crotch, so that her hubby won’t be able to smell the aroma of another man who banged his beloved wife! Now it’s back to those chairs for Choky...

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